Saturday, January 15, 2011

Black Pathology - 2008 Promo Tracks for the "In Gore We Grind III" Compilation.

This compilation entitled In Gore We Grind started as an idea between me and my old friend in Mangled Whore Flesh. The idea was to compile all sorts of drum machine grind and goregrind projects (usually one-man projects only) and make compilations out of them. The first two were released and the third was abandoned.

About a year later, In Gore We Grind Volumes 1 and 2 were re-released under Bootleg Records as pro-quality CDR prints. Both versions were released with new and improved thematic art designs. Volume 2, however also saw a line up change. The line up of drum machine gore was changed and reduced. We were able to get such bands like Fuck The Facts on there though.

Volume 3 (A Collection of Killers) was released solely under Bootleg Records and Buried in Hell Productions. This compilation was a pro Compact Disc with an extensive line up. The theme was "Zombified Serial Killers" and it was belched forth by the one and only Lou Risconni. The line up featured such bands as: ETTS (rip), Haemorrhage, Ballgag, To Seperate the Flesh from the Bones, Putrid Pile, Kuru, Call the Peramedics, Moistened Desciples, and much much more. It was actually the debut of Black Pathology's first studio tracks after becoming an actual band. The tracks made their way into the first 6 songs of the compilation.

Here we have our tracks only, but make sure and get that comp, because it rocks. It is on Deathgasm Records, or you may contact Mike at Bootleg Records (or Bootleg Screenprinting), or Buried in Hell.

Line Up for this recording:

Adam - Guitars, Vocals
Mike - Drums, Back-Up Vocals
Tim - Bass

Recorded at Audio Evolution Studios (Phoenix AZ) and Phoenix Community College Sound Lab.

The Link to our tracks only:

Black Pathology - "Humiliated Human Remains" drum machine demo.

This will be the first release of this demo. The sessions started in 2004, and lasted until 2006. Unfortunately it took this long (2011) to release the tracks. I hope those of you whom this reaches will enjoy it for it's lack of quality. What it lacks in production value, it makes up for in character. Here is the old drum machine grind that Black Pathology once was.

The Line up:

Adam - Guitars, Vocals, Drum Programming, and Sampling.

Guest Vocals:

Devin, Ethan, Paul, and Mike.